Northview Heights: Past, Present, and Future

This project is designed to capture stories from the past for future generations to understand their history as well as to start conversations about cultural norms existing currently in the communities that live together in Northview Heights, a public housing project from the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh.  This is with the intention neighbors from different backgrounds can understand and connect to one another better, and so service organizations in the area will be better equipped to manage their own expectations and projects in response to the community they are working with.This project is also meant to honor the experiences of youth growing up in modern American society and the complicated transition many families are facing in a new country.

The Website is Growing

Check back to find new videos answering questions about things like time, community problem solving, parenting, youth experiences, and dreams for the future.

People Featured In The Videos

Khadija Abdalla
Mze Abdi Abukar
Shamso Ahmed
Ashanti Ballow
Audrey Ballow
Salim Bamira
Zaphora Bernard
Mze Bare Bule
Abdulkadir Chirambo
Miss Winnie Evans
Miss Terry Green
Darrel (Baldy) Goodwine
Isha Hamadi
Siraji Hassan
Majuma Hassani
Miss Antonette Henson
Miss Beverly Hunter
Hussein Hussein
Adan Lugundi
Miss Jean Marshall
Pacifique Mazimpaka
Miss Peggy McCray
Hajia Famo Mhina
Mze Hamadi Mahitula
Ikram Mohammed
Abdulkadir Musakira
Olive Mutimukeye
Fatuma Muya
Mze Ula Muya
Abduulahab Muzhimu
Niyibitegoka Valieti
Kaltun Nooni
Famo Noor
Sabimana Nowadia
Miss Rochelle Preston
Marcus Reed
Halima Salat
Fatuma Salat
Fatuma Sharif
Miss Debbie Simpson
SylJean Stine
Asia Uwimana
Charmane Williams

How We Made It

This project is by artist Lindsey Peck Scherloum and the following collaborators who recruited and interviewed the subjects of the videos, managed equipment, created artwork, and processed and translated interviews:

Majiwa Abdalla - camera, interview
Amina Abdi - camera, interview
Hassan Abdi - camera, interview
Fardosa Abdullahi - camera, interview, translation, illustrations
Shamso Ahmed - interview
Ashanti Ballow - camera, interview
Fatuma Noor - camera, interview
Sabimana Nowadia - camera, interview, translation
Luley Haji - camera, interview, , illustration
Majuma Hassani - interview, camera, translation
Khadija Hussein - camera
Diana Ismail - camera, interview
Adan Lugundi - recruitment
Tamara Massi - camera, illustrations
Fatuma Muhina - camera
Uwase Joyeuse - interview
Web Development - Kate Hansen
Editing Assistance- Andy Esper
Mze Abdi Abukar
Mze Bare Bule
Abdulkadir Chirambo
Siraji Hassan
Mze Hussein Kulow
Mze Hamadi Mahitula
Rochelle Preston

Special thanks to Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh; Sargent Lewis, Reggie Smith and staff at Northview Heights Police Substation; Sallyann, Kahmeela, Rachel, Derek and Divya from the Office of Public Art; the staff at the Urban League's Northview Heights Family Support Center; Kristin Tsapis, Jenna Baron, Barbara Murock, Sara Cole, Lesley Eisenman, and Becky Johnson for their input about interview topics; Dave, Lorrie, Monica, and Rachel and everyone else from In the Steps of Boaz; and the families of everyone involved in this project for their support.

The Color of Strength is a project by artist Lindsey Peck Scherloum in collaboration with United Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh with sponsorship by the Office of Public Art’s Residency program and funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency; the Buhl Foundation; City of Pittsburgh; The Fine Foundation; Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation; Opportunity Fund; PA Partners in the Arts; and The Pittsburgh Foundation.